Mind Numbing Facts About Vasectomy Reversal

lastly for I cannot see too many reasons why after a vasectomy a man would need a micro surgical testicular sperm extraction we usually use that procedure for men where we don’t know why they’re not making sperm or their sperm quantities are so low but again that’s the way we do sperm extraction and so why would we do this why would I take business out of my own practice.

Say let’s do sperm extraction instead it goes to the age of the female partner so again if that woman is towards the end of her fertility potential years whether that’s thirty four whether that’s forty four again I would leave that evaluation up to the females reproductive endocrinologist or ob/gun that determines that they may have more of an imperative to get pregnant sooner than later and if you look at vasectomy reversals and time to pregnancy most of the time it takes about.

Three months to get good quality and good quantity of sperm back into the ejaculation after Elvis vasectomy reversal and it can take up to months before we actually see pregnancies so this is a wide window and if that female partner doesn’t have months before she has her ovarian reserve depleted then we need to think about something other than reversal upfront so that’s why we had the discussion about about sperm extraction Vetch fertilization at that first consultation.

If a couple wants more than one child and they don’t want to go through the IVF or in-nitro fertilization process more than once due to expense or due to stress on the female partner or for whatever reason mastectomy reversal if successful should remain versus sperm extraction if I’m doing it that per cutaneous sperm aspiration those guys are usually able to get back to work very quickly less than a week before they can get back to normal.