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Of the laws in the old days gave permission for men to actually chastise his wife so there’s a lot of justification going on and the last one would be rationalization which is how the man uses his logic and way of thinking to again justify or continues abuse and one is kind of separate but not part of the the main stream of Defense’s would be externalization now all the difference are externalized because they outside in a man but when I use the word standardization specifically I mean the weather the train delays he was hungry which are real excuses that are heard for men so it’s something they in their riot so to say that makes them supposedly triggers.

and we are talking to you today from a rooftop in downtown Los Angeles we’re gonna talk about domestic violence cases and what happens if the accuser or the alleged victim does not want to testify against the defendant at trial and this is often a situation where it’s the boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife of the defendant does not want to get on the stand wants the case dropped and doesn’t want to testify against their loved one so what’s the first thing that this person should do well we always.

recommend that the complaining witness we say the complaining witness it’s the person who is the victim of the crime to get their own lawyer it cannot be the same lawyer that the accused has because going to be a real serious conflict of interest they should get an independent lawyer to help advise them of the consequences because in a way they’re basically going against what the prosecutor wants to do the prosecutor wants them to take the stand and say exactly what they think happened but in this scenario that we’re talking about the victim or the complaining witness doesn’t want their boyfriend or husband.