Things You Didn’t Know About New Ac Unit Tucson

capacitor and a junk box full of electronic parts of all things I do remember having this capacitor and getting it with all those other electronic parts the this is a general electric capacitor the good old made capacitor and then this old one here I think is some on a quick can or something like the quick Huang China k so anyway got a good American.

GE capacitor in here and the micro fires were a little bit different I think this is a as opposed to a yeah so posts and this is a instead of a on the small on the fan side and this volts as opposed to volts yeah and so yeah a little bit of difference I don’t think a capacitance is off enough to really cause any problems it’s probably for a little bit bigger unit but um this is a smaller unit this is what I’ve got available so I figured we’d run with that and make.

sure all these electrical pulse new ac unit Tucson contacts are covered and with our new capacitor installed let’s see let’s take a wiring diagram off and fire it up and see what happens oh yeah you’ve got a lot more fan now blowing like it should fan motors running and definitely got a lot more wind come out of this thing like we should let’s go over to cool and see what we got on two compressors.

kicking right old so let’s let this thing run a little while and see what happens see if we’re getting cold yeah there feels like it’s getting a little cooler now what this thing wrong a while see what happened okay well it’s cooling and seems to be working pretty good so I think I’m gonna put the cover back on it and put it back together maybe cleaning up a little bit try to get that odor out of it but I might be able to use this when the cool the shop so anyway that’s about it for the Chinese Samsung air conditioner thanks for watching and we’ll catch you greetings viewers ere at the car guy.

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