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Drawing a vacuum now I’ve got to start my truck to run the air compressor for this but to plug it in you can see the gauges up there my camera better and my battery dies so the light on it’s not working but we’ll be motors action type in minutes with a merely.

I’m gonna shut this off so now we’re going to sit here and we’re going to wait we’re going to watch this gauge we’re going to give it about four or five minutes see if that gauge drifts down if that gave drifts over towards zero that means we’ve got a leak in the system somewhere so just – I’ve already put dye in this system earlier I already checked it I know the rest of the system is okay the only thing was wrong was these two right here and normally I use a -pound can if somebody actually gave.

me this case of a Freon or RF whatever you want to call it now there’s some junk in here like there’s this the Sub Zero blah blah blah bull crap and a can I ever put this stuff in anything all your AC system need is the correct oil for the system and just virgin r just one thirty-four oh sorry guys r all you need in it so we’re holding one thing looks good take my vacuum line off use this little clean v can tap here just I know it’s dark I’m sorry here I’ll get my walk to my lovely assistant so.

The wall instead of inside Tucson ac repair all right so I’ve got two Flair taken apart well I thought it was a flare but I don’t think it is look at that they took a look at they got the brass insert for Wow for a plastic pipe compression fitting so if you’re out there and you’re wondering if you can use a compression fitting to put line sets together the answer is not no but hell no there you go Home Depot hardware right there we’re getting ready to braid this up and that one and that one right there that one wasn’t leaking but that one definitely was all right so I’ve got it cut loose like that it’s kind of like Pinocchio.

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Bother with it all right I know everybody was waiting for a more fulfilling outcome but you know as that one philosopher once said you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you can make lemonade with it or something like that but anyway hope you enjoyed this video if you did do me a favor and share this video on your favorite social network and also click on these other related video which are put links to on this side of the screen there also be links down below.

The description box as well alright thanks this a kind of pillar ck it’s got an air conditioning issue and I’ve already been out here once to look at this made a parts list now I’m back so right now I got to take this panel off and then I can actually access the back of the AC compressor there’s two fittings on the back and what happened on this one was there supposed to be a cap on.

The Schroeder valve and both of them are missing which I’m equipment a lot of times they are missing but diets gotten into that Schroeder valve and cause a leak right there I’ll try to take the Schroeder valves out Schroeder valves actually lodged into the the port and broke off broke in half so there’s no way to get them out now I’m going to replace those little sections of a tubing and hose there so I’ll get this off I’ll show you the two sections I’ll get eats its way into the between it and now you got a I mean this would have been a probably a minute repair now you’re looking several hours to get this one off and we’re going to go ahead and evacuate the system.