Houston Movers Any Good? 5 Ways You Can Be Certain

been moving structures for over years including a hundred year old train depot and a ton bridge I’m a third generation house mover which makes my son a fourth-generation house mover he’s pretty young right now and he’s going to college to get his structural engineering degree and then we’ll take it from there we have our ups and downs you know because.


he has an idea about something I have an idea about it and they kind of collide so when we come in here with our cross beams we’ll do something here as an added support down building I don’t see any reason to go down the middle with it the buildings will be moved to the other side of norms acre property to be near his Victorian house a former stagecoach depot and historical.

landmark to do this bill is faced with the unique challenge of building a road across two miles of mountainside we’re looking for ruts we’re looking for rocks we just want a smooth ride especially with these fragile log homes like this contractor Brad crane bring will use a bulldozer to cut a swath through several obstacles first they will have to navigate this steep descent all right well here’s our scent not a no Brad what do you think this one this one could be a little difficult in through here as soon as we come down the hill we’ll make our turn come around and then start heading down.

this way here okay next bill will have to maneuver the bar and underneath these dangerous high-voltage power lines and finally negotiate this sharp degree turn onto a narrow road well I hope that’s wide enough we can get -foot you’re here if we grease the building two days later the dirt road is complete we’re getting ready to start on the bar everything’s here and we’re ready to rock and roll this baby it’s time for bill to build the iron.

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